Technology That Works

Since 1991 the goal at Osmosis has been to show companies, through the use of technology, how to be more productive and profitable.

Unlike IT people who are in the business to sell computers, at Osmosis we use technology as a tool to allow companies to perform more efficiently and effectively.  The Osmosis Consulting division provides policy direction, network infrastructure design and deployment, security risk assessment and on-going infrastructure maintenance, and end-user assistance with a strong emphasis on controlling capital expenditures. Osmosis Manufacturing division designs and builds servers, workstations, custom computer systems and purpose-built appliances.

Focusing on productivity and profitability allows Osmosis to provide the right technology, services and support to each of our customers.  It is this philosophy that has allowed for continuing partnerships with our customers for 25 years.

  • CYA Automatic Email Archive™

    Email is the most popular form of business communication. Therefore, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the legal, technical and financial advantages of modern, secure email archiving with our CYA Automatic Email Archive™. It ensures the security and availability of any amount of email for years to come.

  • CYA ReadyAppServer™

    Your network is in your office.  But your staff is in the field.  And, everyone has a different mobile device.  Keeping your team on the same page can be a challenge.  That’s why Osmosis designed the CYA ReadyAppServer™.  It’s the easiest way for your workforce to safely and securely run your corporate applications on any web-enabled mobile device.

  • CYA RecoveryServer™

    There’s a spare tire in your trunk for good reason. Having one keeps your car running until you can repair or replace the damaged tire.  CYA RecoveryServer™ offers the same protection for your network server.  It’s a spare, running parallel with the main server.  In the event of a system crash, you can quickly and easily keep your business running by activating the CYA RecoveryServer™.

  • Osmosis Total Care™ Protection Plan

    Osmosis Total Care™ Protection plan provides end-user technical support, performs a routine of weekly/monthly maintenance, provides patch management, management of hardware/software licensing and renewals; manufacturers’ warranty support.  All of this allows for optimum performance of your network.


  • Workstations

    Computers run the world.  They also run your business.  And, if your computer stops working, so do you.  That’s why Osmosis developed the Self Healing Computer.  It gives you peace of mind.  Never suffer from prolonged down time and expensive repairs again!



  • Arthur M. Katz, Founder Knockout Pest Control, Inc.

    Arthur M. Katz, Founder Knockout Pest Control, Inc.

    Knockout has been a client of Osmosis for almost two decades.  They have been our outsourced IT department...

  • Kathi McGuire, President McGuire Group Architects

    Kathi McGuire, President McGuire Group Architects

    The McGuire Group Architects has been using Osmosis for our IT services since the inception of our firm 16 years ago.   Our design...

  • Mitchel S. Friedman, Senior Vice President RCS Real Estate Advisors

    Mitchel S. Friedman, Senior Vice President RCS Real Estate Advisors

    Simply put Osmosis is awesome.  As RCS Real Estate Advisors outsourced IT department, Osmosis allows me to sleep at night...