Arthur M. Katz, Founder Knockout Pest Control, Inc.

Knockout has been a client of Osmosis for almost two decades. They have been our outsourced IT department and have guided us through the installation multiple software generations. There have been multiple operating system upgrades and they are currently once again upgrading our desktop servers.


In all our dealings with the Osmosis staff has been at the highest level of professionalism. Our company like many today cannot afford to be without service for even a few minutes.  Our entire company would grind to a halt.

Their preventative services have kept us up and running.


The trademark of an outstanding IT firm is not how well they do the routine things, but the response when something goes wrong.  We have over the years had such “emergencies”.  We were hacked a few years ago and the Osmosis staff was able to identify and cure the problem within hours. We upgraded our protection and have since run without issues.  There has been a couple of equipment failures and again within hours, repairs made and/or equipment swapped out.  Sometimes crap happens that is unavoidable.  I sleep well every night knowing when I get to work in the morning my computers and business will be running.